Let us connect you to the internet with high speed fibre optic today!

Call us at 1-877-266-6418 or e-mail us at info@communityfibre.ca

Package Bandwidth * Price
Ultra1 1000Mbps / 500Mbps2 $109.99/month
Standard1 150Mbps / 150Mbps2 $95.99/month
Lite1 50Mbps / 50Mbps2 $75.99/month

All fibre optic connections come with a one time installation fee of $195.00.


Additional Services:

Service Price
Voice over IP phone service Connect your phone through the interet! $25.00/month
Static IP addresses Access your machine remotely! $10.00/month
1. Subject to available facilities; packages and pricing may vary across our service territory.
2. Maximum speed is not guaranteed. May be affected by external technical factors.